Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities and the Arizona Housing Coalition co-hosted a Housing and Health Online Forum. Three Arizona experts explored the connections between public health and housing and focused on the lessons we can take away from COVID-19.

Our panelists discussed the role of housing during this major health crisis, talked about some of the challenges we’re seeing during this pandemic and the lessons we’re already learning, and shared their thoughts on the impact of COVID-19.

Dede Yazzie Devine – President/CEO, Native American Connections
Marcus Johnson – Director of State Health Policy and Advocacy, Vitalyst Health Foundation
Joan Serviss – Executive Director, Arizona Housing Coalition
Serena Unrein (moderator) – Director, Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities

Prior to the global pandemic, communities already faced a lack of affordable housing and struggled to end homelessness. COVID-19 has made it clear that where you live deeply affects your health, in addition to exposing and magnifying the inequities that already existed.