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If you attended the 4th annual Arizona Healthy Communities Conference March 29th, you know it was an exciting day. We spent the day discussing how we can build communities of health and opportunity together.

And if you stayed until the end of the day, you know that Vitalyst Health Foundation generously offered to help provide support for ideas coming out of this year’s Healthy Communities Conference.

Vitalyst wants to support your work and can provide technical assistance and financial support. The foundation is offering mini-grants to help kickstart your efforts – up to $5,000 total. So, your work could be eligible for a $500-5,000 grant, depending on the number of ideas submitted and your proposal.

Please send your ideas in by May 15, 2017.

Finally, thank you to Vitalyst Health Foundation for this generous support and for making 2017 the Year of Healthy Communities!

How to apply:

The proposal doesn’t need to be extensive or formal. In 1-2 pages, talk about your idea for making your community healthier and more equitable and tell Vitalyst what kind of support you need. 


Learn more about the Year of Healthy Communities

On another note, we hope you left the conference wanting to engage with the 2017 Year of Healthy Communities. Join the effort to identify, lift up, and celebrate work being done to improve community health. Throughout 2017, events and workshops will connect sectors, engage hearts and minds, and influence policy and systems change. Also, make sure you check out the website and learn more at

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