Healthy Communities Opportunity Index Maps

At the Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities, we often say that “your zip code is more important to your health than your genetic code.” We know that there isn’t a silver bullet to solve the health problems that our state currently faces, and that improving health requires different sectors to work together. We wanted to dig a little deeper and learn what was happening with health across Arizona and where there were opportunities to make a impact on community health.

To create these maps, 15 disparate data sources were used to gather information for every single zip code in the state. They are a high-view snapshot of where we think there are opportunities in Arizona, and we hope they will be an opportunity for different sectors to join our efforts. We’re all in this together; if we want better outcomes, we need to work in an integrated fashion.

While we hope that these maps provide some good insights, we know they’re only the first step and that there’s much more research to be done and that these maps aren’t a detailed picture of everything that’s happening with health in each zip code. Complete data isn’t available for all zip codes, and these maps don’t have block level data. We’re already thinking about our next steps for the maps, so please feel free to give us feedback.

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