Our Story

The Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities aims to dramatically transform Arizona’s communities by creating multi-sector collaborations.

A person’s zip code should not be a predictor of life expectancy. Everyone should have equal opportunity to live in a healthy environment, including low- and moderate-income families and individuals. To achieve this, we need to ensure that different sectors are working together to ensure that all of Arizona’s communities are healthy places to live.

Our unique approach to healthy communities is to bring the private sector to the table to ensure that banks, health insurers, and health care providers are active partners alongside the government and nonprofit sectors. Together, we can transform our communities by working to share ideas, pool resources, and develop funding sources.

To foster healthy communities work in Arizona, we recently launched the Live Well Arizona Incubator in partnership with Vitalyst Health Foundation. The Live Well Arizona Incubator coaches teams that have identified a geographically-based health issue through the collaboration process and prepares the team to expand its work.