Vitalyst Health Foundation and Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities Announce Fourth Live Well Arizona Incubator Cohort

As a part of their mission to create geographically-based healthy collaborations across Arizona communities, Vitalyst Health Foundation and the Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities have selected five new projects to form the 2022 Live Well Arizona Incubator cohort. The Incubator’s primary purpose is to catalyze place-based, cross-sector efforts that tackle opportunities to improve community well-being and health.

By pairing projects with an experienced coach who guides them over ten months as they address a community health concern, teams develop solutions that bring together people from many interests and industries to address the underlying causes of ill-health in their community, rather than merely the symptoms.

“The Live Well Arizona Incubator enables people to create change themselves, rather than an outside force who may not know how that community works,” said David Martinez III, Vitalyst Director of Community Engagement. “Community change should be powered by the residents who know and love that area best. The Incubator gives those looking to make a change in their communities direct access to a coach and other tools to advance their efforts.”

Previous cohorts of incubator projects have gone on to make tremendous impacts in their communities across Arizona, including Globe, the Navajo Nation, Tucson, Mohave County, and South Phoenix. “We know the secret sauce for what makes the Live Well Arizona Incubator work is pairing these teams with a coach to guide them in their journey and help them accelerate their progress,” said Serena Unrein with the Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities.

This fourth cohort of projects represents rural and urban communities from across the state working on a diverse range of issues. The five selected projects in the 2022 cohort of the Live Well Arizona Incubator are:

CoNest Healthy Food Forum – Cochise County
Through the Healthy Food Forum powered by CoNest, community leaders envision a place where everyone in the local food system can collaborate and improve access to healthy food. The Healthy Food Forum will allow for deep connections to flourish in across this rural county through cross-sector partnerships and continued equitable community engagement. During their time in the Incubator, the Healthy Food Forum will define their community outreach plans, create a strategic plan and hone critical facilitation skills.

Favor Celestial Community Economic Development Initiative – Tucson
Barrio Kroeger Lane Neighborhood includes residents whose families have lived in the same area for up to seven generations, and the area has been continuously inhabited and cultivated for over 4,000 years. Yet the barrio is impoverished with many unmet needs. Favor Celestial Community Economic Development Initiative and its partners will build on years of community organizing to preserve the barrio. Using the community’s assets and research, they will create a rendering to assist with the beautification and betterment of the neighborhood.

Foundation for the Little Colorado River – Eagar-Springerville
The Foundation for the Little Colorado River plans to address recreation and resiliency for the residents of Eagar and Springerville by funding and operating a community swimming pool. The closure of the community pool in the early 2000s created a gap in recreation and left residents without a safe place to swim. Funding and building a pool will allow for affordable, local recreation opportunities and enhance the rural quality of life in the community.

Greenlee County Tourism Council – Clifton
The Greenlee County Tourism Council aims to establish a water park along the San Francisco River to improve access to outdoor recreation. The “Frisco Float and Trail” project will include promotion of the Clifton birding trails adjacent the river and the design of a high-profile beach park. During their time in the Incubator, this collaborative will communicate and maintain dialogue with members of the Greenlee County community and use this multi-faceted task force to develop an action plan.

Regenerating Sonora – Superior
Regenerating Sonora addresses community health at the social level through its diverse partners who are reflective of the many talents and assets in Superior. To better support residents struggling with addiction and youth who lack opportunities for social activities, this group plans to open a community center and create programs and services for community members. A community garden and story gathering initiative will further their efforts to tackle social and cultural cohesion in the Superior community.


About the Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities
The Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities plans to create multi-sector collaborations by bringing together the public health, housing, transportation, community development, and economic development fields. Our unique approach brings the private and public sectors together to ensure that banks, health insurers, and health care providers are active partners alongside the government and nonprofit sectors.

About Vitalyst
Vitalyst Health Foundation is on a mission to inform, connect and support efforts to improve the health of individuals and communities in Arizona. Over its history, the foundation has invested more than $100 million and established itself as a key thought leader, convener and catalyst of key initiatives – ranging from statewide health policy and systems to development of local community gardens.